Piedmont Saddle Club -                                    *Established in 1950*
The Piedmont Saddle Club was created in 1950 as a place that horse lovers could come, enjoy their horses and fellowship with other horse lovers.  63 Years later, the Piedmont Saddle Club is still in existence and still providing a place for horse lovers to come and fellowship.     
In 1998, The Piedmont Saddle Club joined forces with HorsePower, Inc, a Therapuetic Learning Center, to provide them with facilities, financial support, and human resources. Visit www.horsepower.org for more information regarding HorsePower, Inc.
PSC Fun Show: MAY 2ND
Pictures from the Feb 23rd, 2014: PSC Open Fun Show
Pictures from the Oct 12th, 2013: PSC Open Fun Show
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